No to Xenophobia

In the rave of ‘No to Xenophobia’, Nigerians have undertaken misguided retaliatory measures which is like “Throwing stone in to the market and it hits someone you are familiar with”, so we are fighting the wrong enemy (Check Dife Blog Page on Instagram). The most effective way to have taken retaliatory measures would have been in trade relations, sports and entertainment; thanks to some of our celebrity entertainers who declined performing in South Africans.

Now talking of misguided retaliatory measures in trade relations, the question is can Nigeria bear the heat of absence of South Africans investors in Nigeria? Can we unanimously boycott South African companies and their services? Forgetting the unhealthy interest of our political leaders can the Nigerian market decide not to use MTN sims? Not to subscribe for DSTV and not buy even a pen in Shoprite. Yes, Some Nigerians make money in affiliation with these South African companies but it is high time we stopped neo-colonialism in Nigeria and take care of ourselves by ourselves. Let indigenous companies spring up to provide services that the foreigners have seemingly monopolised and these services have to be provided EFFICIENTLY. Let’s have efficient replacement of the foreign companies. It is noteworthy that companies like TsTv, DaarSat made brillant attempts and Glo keeps glowing even in the midst of challenges while shopping stores like Justrite, Addide are in their game. However, it can always get better.

To be candid, it has been observed that most foreign owned companies run effectively and provide their services efficiently way better than Nigeria indigenous companies. It’s time we as Nigerians stepped up our game neglecting nepotism and simply pursue excellence, let everyone stay true to giving the best of our abilities. Sometimes ago, I was in a discussion where it was noted that Nigeria companies don’t get big contracts from the government and before the finger of blame was pointed at the government for not awarding contract to indigenous companies, someone pointed out that there are ridiculous corrupt practices amidst the indigenous companies that makes them under-deliver when awarded contracts. Did I say that the government is just without any fault? No, I didn’t but it’s important that we have capable individuals who serve excellently that the fruits of their labour continues to speak even generations after.

How many indigenous Nigerian companies outlive the owners? Even if they supposedly outlive the owners do they still retain the business niche in the their market space. For example, you can walk up to a restaurant in the US and you will see a restaurant established in 1906. I remember when I was much younger ”Eleganza” was an household name then in Nigeria and Eleganza pen was that pen every pupil/student uses and almost every family had an Eleganza product, Eleganza chair,cooler, refrigerator,paint etc. Over, the years, Eleganza seems to have faded away, lost its niche (though the company still exists). What happened? I don’t know but I know things could have turned out better. When we are talking of indigenous companies who after so many years are still in their game after 50 years are First bank plc, Alabukun, United African Company of Nigeria, Wema Bank, and United Bank of Africa.

There is a need to start building your dreams as trans-generational wealth, don’t just start a business for the sake of present means of survival rather invest all you’ve got into building your dreams knowing that it will outlive you and be a trans-generational blessing . Deal with the present with the future in mind.

By the way, not all the presently circulating videos are current state of Xenophobia attacks in South Africa (beware of fake news) and the Nigerian government has started evacuating Nigerians from South Africa.

Enjoy the rest of your week as you focus on being a trans-generational blessing

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