To survive in Lagos is survival of the fittest it doesn’t mean you are actually the strongest. Mental strength (wisdom, intelligence, right rationale) accounts for fitness in many climes and survival in Lagos is obviously one of those climes. I am sure the phrase ‘If you are not wise in Lagos you can’t be wise elsewhere’ is not new, it’s just one of the many facts about Lagos.

Some weeks ago, I was coming back from work around 8:30pm at Ikeja under-bridge, I was in a bus when a motorcycle rider and passenger suddenly halted and the passenger started shouting. The male motorcycle passenger’s phone was almost snatched from him but he was smart enough not to let go so he didn’t lose the phone. As if he was not satisfied, he alighted from the bike and started shouting in front of some ‘Agbero’ guys/area boys, looking for the person who attempted to snatch his phone. The ‘Agbero’ guys gently told him to go but he kept shouting, trying to fish out who attempted to snatch his phone.
After a minute of advising him to go without yielding, the ‘Eru Iku'(Death’s Assistant)/area boys started gathering around him to beat him blue-black. I hoped that he wouldn’t eventually lose his precious phone but the chances of not losing the phone is very slim. As densely populated as Lagos is, Lagosians don’t stay near to watch unhealthy drama. Immediately the motorcycle passenger decided to tread the path of trouble, the bike man zoomed off and nobody stayed close-by to watch the drama that was self-initiated by the victim, so he was left alone to be beaten without help.
To be wise is to know when to be quiet, responsive or unresponsive. Wisdom in alignment to Lagos code of survival – ‘Go Crazy with Sense’ would have saved him from being a victim. He could have just silently thanked God for still having his phone and moved on, for goodness sake it was 8:30pm and if you are familiar with Ikeja you will understand that Ikeja under-bridge is a deadly zone at night. Guess he was trying to show some ‘Lagos Craze’ but at that time ‘Craze’ was just not needed because where your craze ends is where someone else’s craze starts in this Lagos ooo. It’s Monday, as you flow with the tide of hustle and bustle don’t do ‘Lagos Craze’ while you suspend sense.
Talking of Lagos craze, enjoy thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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