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Centuries ago, photography was more of a scientific task with a hint of art in the era of ‘Camera Obscura’ in ancient China, featuring still image in a ‘statuefied’ manner enclosed in black and white colouring. Photography steadily progressed into art when pictures are taken in studios, further editing styles were introduced into photography producing remarkable pictures.

The presence of different styles of photography affirms that there are different channels for the expression of beauty. Notably, among the different styles of photography is STREET PHOTOGRAPHY. Street photography is also called CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY because it is about candidly capturing life in PUBLIC AREAS not only on the street. Street photography is distinguished for storytelling, the images should tell a story. An incredible street photographer should create photographs where the viewer pauses and asks questions.

Street photography has recently taken a new turn as it is now one of the trendy features of 2019 where birthday shoots are done using street photography. Most birthday shoot pictures now reveal celebrants going into the streets or public places to identify and interact with their environment to take pictures. People are beginning to maximise street photography as a channel of visually documenting everyday life and society, thereby promoting originality without any need to create false impression of a rosy lifestyle.

The true and beautiful essence of street photography is to capture emotion, humanity and soul through which a photographer can create powerful, compelling and emotional images. A good street photographer should not rely on just a single ‘Kodak moment’, there can be many Kodak moments either by the seemingly little acts like positioning of head, swing of a hand, wink of an eye, reflection of shadow, curves and shapes.

Let’s have some views of street photography that are quite remarkable as everything in these pictures tell stories beyond what words can convey and these can be referred to as lifestyle photography.

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