The third-highest-grossing film of all time in Canada and the US, 1965 movie Sound Of Music is an heartwarming movie that unveils the beautiful fusion of life, music and love featuring the unplanned departure of Maria (the lead actress) from an Austrian covent to become a governess/care giver to the seven children of a widowed  Naval officer. The entry of the adventure-loving Maria into the highly militarised Von Trapp family brought gleeful life to the Von Trapp family even to the rigid heart of Captain Von Trapp.

The love story in Sound Of Music reveals that the most difficult or stone-hearted person is still a homo-sapien made up of  flesh and blood  and can be an amiable, humane person relearning the true beauty of life. Captain Von Trapp-like individuals deny what they desire most and uphold dos and don’ts of a boxed life thereby denying themselves the bliss of true living after the occurrence of unpleasant happenings.

Beautiful relationships really contribute a lot to making life really beautiful even in the face of challenges and many a times the desire of the hearts are met in the most unlikely places with the least expected people. As Captain Von Trapp embraced Maria,  you too can give up rigidity and embrace flexibility as each phase of life unfolds to your dreams. The unarchitectured path can lead to the castle of fulfilled dreams.

 It’s no news that life doesn’t always happen as planned . So who rigidity “Epp”? Life is in phases and each phase comes with revelations of tunnels, corners and spot light even if it comes unexpected. One of the many coated truths of life is that the unexpected revelations of each phase actually equips us for oncoming phase. Being flexible and allowing disguised blessings of life steer the wheels leading to the castle is a recurring feature to be enjoyed per phase as it unfolds. If you are strongly insistence on having it all figured out then you might just never live but exist in frustration. 

Be flexible enough to climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow till you find your dream! Eldeweiss, deep love and devotion to you from Dife Epiphany Blog (DEB).

            ‘Eldeweiss, every morning you greet me

            Small and white

            Clean and bright

            You look happy to meet me

            Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow

            Bloom and grow forever

            Eldewiess,  Eldeweiss             Bless my homeland forever’ (Sound Of Music, 1965)

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