Dife Epiphany Blog Unleashed was written exactly a year and one month ago and just like that a bit of a whole chunk was birthed simply by following through with an inner prompting. It may seem like having a blog is the norm of the digital space but Dife Epiphany Blog was borne from the place of fellowship with the Father and the task of sharing unconventional wisdom from usual, everyday narratives was received. This task has been a journey of grace laden with a responsibility to produce thoughts from unconventional thought pattern and not get swayed by popular opinions nor get lost in the crowd.

I am innately an introvert and I love the power introversion gifts me. I love intelligence garnished with humour because I love to laugh. So, here in Dife Epiphany Blog, boredom is not a feature because we do not believe in existing rather we establish Live, Love, Laugh as daily mantra for living life fully. We recognise the multidimensional ability of living so there are no limits to what Dife Epiphany Blog(DEB) beams the light of unusual sense on. As long as you can read and deduce meaning, you are welcome to Dife Epiphany Blog(DEB) where we write unusually without boundaries as we got you covered in sports, music, fashion, education, politics even the unending trending gists that prevails.

The path of the just shines brighter and brighter so it is with joy that I announce to you that Dife Epiphany Blog has evolved into TheDIFE.com to be your digital friend that is committed to sharing the thrills and drills of life with you, the smile, tears,, laughter, hurt, laughter, disappointments, wins, losses and victories packaged in life’s journey with a focus of helping one another to get better and live a purpose fulfilling life. In TheDIFE.com, we have the Dife Epiphany Blog(DEB), Dife Podcast and Dife Gallery. Dife Epiphany Blog shares unusual sense from usual narratives while Dife Podcast is an audio expose of usual experiences by ordinary people that gives extraordinary results as they are focused on living purposefully great in God and for the benefit of the human race and Dife Gallery reveals the multidimensional capabilities of a DIFE enabled person because her in TheDIFE.com there are no limits.

You can graciously glide through the all the sections of TheDife.com, join us on social media platforms and share TheDIFE.com link on your social media platforms. With so much joy and love, I welcome you to TheDIFE.com family where everyone purposefully dives into greatness. Je t’aime!!!

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