Hearty congratulations to every Corp member who recently passed out as gold to the favour market. Seeing your pictures raving social media reminded me of how I also flooded my timelines with pictures of saying good bye to NYSC and my memory notably flashed back to an experience I had during my NYSC days.

Wednesdays were for CDS so after we were through with CDS my friends and I were about leaving when one of my friends bought locally produced soya milk drink. Seeing that drink made myself and another friend yearn for the drink so we wanted to buy our own soya milk drink but the seller was not there as she had gone into offices to sell. So we just took the bottles of supposed soya milk drink and replaced the drink with money in the bucket. On our way home, my friend told me how enjoyable it is to eat bread with soya milk drink so I joined him to get bread and anticipated getting home to devour the food combination.

Getting home, I quickly arranged myself to relishly take my bread and soya milk drink, I anxiously put the drink’s bottle in my mouth when my taste buds and senses got an unexpected disappointment because the drink was ‘Kunu’ and not soya milk drink. I was so disappointed and I forced myself to take the unpalatable combination of ‘Kunu’ and bread. Then I realized I bought the drink without the seller’s presence or consent so it was all my fault but you know I couldn’t beat myself.

This story relates to me that some of us get involved in things without seeking God’s consent so when we run into trouble we wonder where we missed it. Can you be patient enough not to do any transaction without the presence or consent of the seller or manufacturer so you don’t get the wrong things/items which unfortunately could be unrefundable. Seek God in all. Trust him to lead and guide you because it will definitely worth your time of waiting.

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