Hello guys! How is the new week going through for you. I have a gist to share oo. Though am sorry this post will disturb the flow of ‘December to Remember Chronicle’ but we will continue later, please bear with me.

So I travelled from Akure to Lagos today. At Akure park, precisely FUTA Northgate motor park, I joined the league of passengers in the bus and while I was deliberating on taking a comfortable seat in the bus a guy who seems friendly and calm advised me on the choice of seat so the advice made me take the seat beside him which was quite comfortable for me.

We got talking about traffic and travelling expectations and few minutes after our bus left the park, I noticed he was trying to put his hand on my shoulder. I thought it was a mistake at first so I stylishly shifted my body and he took his hands off me.

30 minutes gone by, he placed his hand on my shoulder again, I shifted my body and he readjusted then I noticed he placed his hand on my handbag that was on my laps. I was not comfortable with that but I felt it was no harm as long my money or phone does not go missing as were talking in the bus.

Later, he said we should watch film on my phone after he noticed we are using the same model of phone. I refused that I can’t use my phone to watch film in order to save battery. So he brought out his phone and started watching a movie. I got interested with the movie at first but I allowed sleep to take over while he continued watching his movie.

When I jerked awake, I noticed his hands stylishly close to my boobs and immediately he realised I was awake, he hurried his hands away. This made me alert but I didn’t talk.

I needed to still indulge my eyelids some more so after few minutes I drifted off to nap again and this time I jolted out of sleep to see his hand on my cloth-uncovered region of the leg ( the upper part of the leg after the knee, I wore a knee-length gown). He hurried his hand off me and then it became obvious of the kind of person he is. I had to force myself to stay awake which made him to start talking with me again and touching my hands. I pointedly told him ‘don’t touch me’ and started shifting my body / hand from contact with him.

At first I tried doing it subtly so as not to draw the attention of other passengers but he didn’t heed. So I told him ‘don’t touch me again’ and I shut off from talking to him or responding to his words as he was trying to make me talk with him again.

My strategy of end to talk, stern warn of ‘don’t touch me’ with obvious shift from him worked but I wished I could give him some candid words of his immoral acts but I decided to be calm and not draw attention to myself in the bus.

After I had caught him in his improper act and changed my disposition towards him, he tried telling me of ‘Konji’ (his words), citing some people’s actions as a result of Konji (sexual urge). I just kept mute. Yea, he even tried bribing me by buying me a bottle of soft drink which I rejected but he insisted I take it yet I didn’t drink it till I got home and gave my sibling .

I think I should inbox him with my candid words. Guys should I?

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