Jesus Coming to End Poverty in Nigeria Says Nigerian Governor

Enjoy ceaseless goodies as you graciously glide through the week. Last week was truly enlightening for me. So I met a new friend who is knowledgeable about science ,information and technology. I have gleaned relevant information and my thinking horizon has been broadened through the intelligent discussions we had , I had to feel my self a bit when I was praised for having little prior knowledge about the science and tech world.

Yea!  Last week, Agape Christian Ministries celebrated her 30th anniversary with a whole week of power, spirit impacting convention. Mehnnn! It was filled with awesome experiences of revelation and manifestation of the I AM THAT I AM. In my unselfish state, here is an excerpt of the revelations:

*God does not need you but you will always need Him for everything – Bishop David Oyedepo

 *It doesn’t take time to experience a change but it takes you to embrace the truth of God’s word and believe – Bishop David Oyedepo

*God’s title is not a mystery but His name is a mystery-Bishop Francis Wale Oke  

*Serve God as commanded not as convenient – Pastor Korede Komaiya

 *God does not throw people up but he lifts people up- Bishop Felix Adejumo

Still in the swing of Agape International Convention 2018, a highlight worthy of note was Ondo state Governor’s speech on Sunday after Bishop Felix Adejumo ( Papa)  praised the Governor for his stride of industrialization in Ondo state and further explained that the government should try to provide necessary amenities especially electricity as this will help a lot of Nigerians to implement their ideas. After Papa’s words , Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu was invited to the pulpit , he paid homage of greeting and reacted to Papa’s words that as a church we should just pray for Jesus’ quick coming , Jesus should come on time. He explained that electricity , good roads that we are all clamoring for in Nigeria won’t be needed in heaven. So , the governor of Ondo state Oluwarotimi Akeredolu implored Nigerians , the people of Ondo state to pray for Jesus’ quick coming as that is the certain way to end poverty .

Subsequently, Reverend Funke-Felix Adejumo (Mama) came to the pulpit and stated that as Christians heaven is our goal and Jesus Christ coming is our ultimate hope. However, we want to do rehearsal of how to live and walk heaven’s streets of gold  by enjoying good roads,electricity and every other needed amenities. She categorically stated that “Here in Agape, we honour our leaders, we don’t fear politicians because we voted them into office so we are not afraid to tell them the truth”. Mama said Nigerians want leaders who will be responsible for them and accountable to them that is why they (Nigerian Electorates)  voted for them (politicians) in the first place. She ended her speech with an heartfelt prayer against the killings rampaging the country.

Hearing a Nigerian Governor speak that Jesus’ coming is the solution or end to poverty signifies hopelessness. There is no hope in Nigeria as a country, no hope in the leaders, no hope that things can get better for Nigerians. Aren’t our leaders suppose to be a beacon of hope for a better Nigeria? Don’t Nigerians deserve leaders with features of responsibility? As Papa will say , “What shall we say of —–?” In the same manner, what shall we say of Mama’s candid words? As for me, I couldn’t help screaming and clapping as I express my love for Mama and her candid sincerity while an acquaintance commented about the lack of sincere religious leaders in a particular state in Nigeria and that has greatly contributed to high level of corruption in that state.

I daily pray to make heaven and pray that Nigeria gets better as we usually pray in Agape Christain Ministries  that “Lord make Nigeria a reference point for good leadership in Africa.”

God bless Nigeria Do have a fruitful week. Je t’aime!

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