Ohhhhh Yeahhh! It’s here! The divinely inspired blog, DIFE’s EPIPHANY. It goes way back to two months ago when the unprecedented idea of having a blog flowed into my consciousness and confirmatively a friend sent me a message telling me about having a blog meanwhile over the years of serving as an editor, content creator for other blogs I have never thought of having my own blog. So, right now,here’s my leap of faith of having a blog! DIFE’s EPIPHANY which focuses on Wholesome Lifestyle of Excellence. This an all-round blog that bears depth with clarity and simplicity about everything and anything that the millennial encounter while living a purposeful life divinely orchestrated by God. Needless to say, DIFE’s EPIPHANY is God-centric as He gives boundless life enhancing imaginations,thoughts and ideas so will DIFE’s EPIPHANY writes “…. and I do nothing of myself but as my Father taught me, I speak these things” ( John 8:28 )

Over the years, I have encountered legion of questions about what DIFE truly means, am happy to unravel the meaning and thoughts behind the blogs’s nomenclature. The idea of having a name that represents my values yet reflects my name stemmed from my boss at the media organisation I worked for as an undergraduate in Obafemi Awolowo University. So I distinctively identified my core values and came up with DIFE which means………..

Yes, this is it! Divine Intelligence Fetches Excellence. Brace up for the breakdown, I am a God-centric young woman who believes and know that no one has anything or can become anything unless it is given from ABOVE, hence, I recognise the divinity of God as the constant of life while every other thing is simply variables. Intelligence, it is way beyond brilliancy and class room education is no accurate yardstick to determine intelligence. However, being intelligent manifests the optimum sanity of the mind and reflects the tangibility of a person’s rationality. I love meeting, talking, associating with intelligent people that its impossible for an unintelligent person to have my undivided attention for 15 minutes. Over to the one and only active verb in blog’s nomenclature, FETCH… The act of fetching is a deliberate act to get or reach out to something, so to achieve Excellence in life, one has to deliberately stay connected to God the only Divine One to get, fetch intelligence from His unending source of intelligence “……..therefore, you will joyfully fetch water from the well of salvation.” ( Isaiah 12:3). Now, Excellence is a goal (winks), excellence is a culture that is mostly nurtured with grit and determination to exude value. It is conspicuous that every individual is unique and I advocate that each one should strive for excellence in his or her uniqueness thereby making the world a better place of beauty, boundless opportunities and harmony while everyone fulfils purpose excellently. Therefore, the conjecture of Divine and Intelligence Fetches Excellence.

Here you have it, the core meaning of DIFE while superficially it codes, Deborah Ifeoluwa.

Welcome to DIFE’s EPIPHANY blog, your lifestyle blog with no restrictions, (fashion, music, sports, trendy gists and socially relevant write ups) diverse status quo challenging articles, life impactful words and divinely inspired ideas aimed at attaining a complete life cycle of excellent purpose fulfilment. Welcome on board guys, as we all learn, unlearn and relearn towards attaining an Excellent Life!

Je t’aime!!!

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