Slay Your Priority

Slay your Priority

Life is often the result of priority list.

Sometimes, I find it difficult or painful to write for no reason that I can tell. Today, is just one of those days but here I am trying to gather my thoughts with my long fine fingers. (Probably, you already know I have I have long fingers. You can say it again, ‘I am vain’).

The thought ‘life is often the result of our scale of preference or priority list’ has been lingering on my mind for weeks, so let’s dig into it today.

I was told of a real-life story that a young lady I know declined admission into the university because she couldn’t afford the money to go through the admission process. So, this is the real situation, this young lady is a real babe, a babe that SLAYS, (I didn’t write Slay Mama, don’t get it twisted, I don’t have anything against looking good). My beautiful, slay lady had finished her ND and she has a job where the pay can be described as meagre compared to her standard of living.

I was shocked when I heard the story of how and why she declined the admission.  Similarly, I know a guy in his teenage years who is trying to gather enough money to purchase NECO forms and rewrite his O-level exams. I asked him ‘How much do you have now’, as at the time he was talking with me, he had raised 65% of the money needed by selling his phone.

So, I just shared with you two real life stories that happened in our present society by young persons that I personally know. These are typical examples of how we daily make choices that shapen our lifetime. Forget stories, life often unfolds to us based on our scale of preferences/ priority list. We all have diverse things we want to get done or the preferred features of our ideal life. But life as we know it to be, does not give us all the features of the ideal life at once in a bulk package or when we want it and this necessitates a priority list to living a fulfilled life.

Steadily or abruptly, your life pans out base on your priority list / scale of preference. So, the questions are, what is your priority or better put, what makes your priority list? Is your priority really worth being a priority? Is your priority rightly prioritized?

Mon ami, get your priority list right, this will guide you to make right decisions and diligently work with patience to the fulfillment of your ideal life where you live in la vida local.

Guess someone is saying, ‘How do I get my priority list/scale of preference right?’ Here are basic decisions you should consider:

Figure Out What is Most Important to You: Understand your values and what you would like to be benchmarks in your life.

Have a Clear Picture of your Dreams:  Where would you like to see yourself in the next couple of months or years? Allow yourself to clearly dream about the beautiful future ahead for you.

Take time to Reflect: Consider how you want to live your life and the patterns you have noticed in your life so far. This could mean setting aside an afternoon or a block of time where you shut off your phone, put pen to paper. You can see this as a time where you take inventory of your life’s activities.

Be honest with yourself: Honestly, check your priorities with your reality. Make appropriate changes so your reality matches what really matters most to you. Sometimes, you need to get hit with a healthy dose of reality to realize what you truly need. You do need to be honest with yourself to figure out what’s most important.

Create a List: Creating a list is a great way to determine my core values and it helps to figure out the next step to needed to be taken. A great tip to keep your priorities straight is to make a list of everything weighing on your mind. Just get it all out on paper.  Rate each item on a scale from one to ten on its importance. By doing this you will be able to determine which priorities should come first.

Here you have it guys, I really hope this blog post helps you live well better, make better decisions and rightly prioritise as you walk the path of living purposefully and beautifully.

Have a splendid weekend, je t’aime mon ami

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