Woww, Breakthrough is an epic movie! Take a chill pill as I give you hints of how creatively incredible this movie is. The movie is based on a true-life story. So, it’s not basically fiction. By the way, I have a confession. I cried😭 while watching the movie and writing this review. I couldn’t even form. This is a movie I will recommend you watch, you wouldn’t regret it.

We were introduced to Joyce, a mother who tried to get her teenage son’s attention but he keeps building a wall around himself. This made me realize the level of effort parents make to be involved in their children’s life yet it seems children particularly adolescents don’t want it. Newsflash, 15 minutes into the movie we were made to realize that John was adopted when he was 9 months and it made him feel sad that he was abandoned by his biological mother. Hence, his rebellious acts towards his foster parents continued especially as his birthday approached.

In one of those evenings that Joyce tried to edge closer, he refrained and she left him with a of string words that goes thus: “For what it’s worth, you have a purpose and you are loved.” This conveys that regardless of the circumstance, you have a purpose and you are loved. Hey Difer, hold on to this!

Watching their child play was fun but Joyce didn’t find it fun hearing John call his father “Brian” when he was leaving to spend the weekend at the family’s friend place and saying ‘bye guys” to his parents. She said to the father “You can’t be friend and father at the same time” What do you think folks? Is she right or wrong?

At the weekend getaway, John and two of his friends went to play on a snow-covered pond, defying the warning of nearby adult that cautioned them. Few minutes after, the part of the snow-covered ponds that the boys stood on broke and they fell into a pool of extremely cold water with slippery snow edges. Unfortunately, John couldn’t hold up for long and he slipped into the depth of the water level. Emergency responders came to their rescue and as a trained first responder I saw first responder skills being effectively deployed by the emergency responders.

Unresponsive, John was rushed to the hospital, the doctors tried every resuscitation effort they could but John remained unresponsive. By now, Joyce had been called to the hospital and was in the room where John lay. It was a high level of emotions watching Joyce cry and say “I don’t understand, I don’t understand. Holy spirit I need you. I need you to breathe life to John, I need you to breathe life to John.”  While her words echoed to the health workers around, it was like everyone stood still for John. Suddenly, the heart monitoring machine beeped. There was a pulse and medical activities to resuscitate John resumed. It became clearer that a woman travailing in prayer is really powerful.

John was transferred to one of the best doctors for better medical attention yet the doctor told them that John might not live through the night. Even if he lived, he would have neurological problems. Joyce challenged the Doctor to give his best and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. She refused to accept that there was no chance for her son. Meanwhile, words had spread that John would not live.

It was a miracle that John lived through the night but the doctor explained to Joyce that John’s chances of survival are slim or non-existence, medically it was an uncharted course trying to save John’s life. Brian, John’s father couldn’t bear to see his son in that state so he could not stay in the hospital room with him and he wondered how his wife has the faith to keep believing that John will live after every indication of his death. 

Pastor Jason, their local church pastor stayed through the night with Joyce to watch over John. They settled their differences and Pastor Jason expressed that he knows she was not cool with his ‘unpastored’ styles but he is doing those things to reach out to his youth congregation like John. Joyce eventually agreed and they concluded on a good note.

The pastor expresses his concern that Joyce will be broken if John dies and hoped that John will recover. Meanwhile Joyce’s faith increased, she went home to freshen up, picked a pair of Jordans for John and brought it to the hospital believing John would wake up to be well and put on his Jordans. That night, John gave his mother and Pastor Jason signals that he can hear what they were saying but when the Doctors came, he didn’t show any sign.

Joyce rashly spoke to the health workers and people who visited saying that no one should speak negativity around her son. Her husband cautioned her not to allow the situation rob her of her good-natured, kindhearted true self. Joyce was forced to rest after she had a diabetic comma and this gave her the opportunity to reflect on her attitude so far. She realized she had always wanted to fix everyone and have control the outcome of situations.

However, she can’t control the present situation and the pastor told her she should let God handle it. She took a break to communicate with God and apologized for her pride and unyielding to God’s will. She finally told God to take charge and not her supposed will. After her prayers, John’s situation seemingly got worst, so decisions were made to take him off every life support and leave John fight for his life.

 John’s friends and community had a worship session on behalf of John to God singing Hillsong United’s ” Oceans Where Feet May Fail”. It was a very touching and encouraging scene. John was cut off from every life support, it was painful watching the poor boy jerk for life while his parents lovingly say words to make him hear them and keep fighting. His mother edged closer to his bed and encouraged him to fight and comeback to life. “You need to come back to us John, I need you to fight. You can do it. You have a purpose and you are loved. I need you to fight”.

 Miraculously, John jolted to life, recognized his mum. He was awake and active. The joyous news of “John is awake” broke out in his school. The Doctor was surprised and acknowledged that John’s recovery was a miracle. His friends from school came to visit almost immediately.

John resumed to school and he was received with joy.  He was overwhelmed with love, he couldn’t understand why God kept him and he went to the exact place where he had the accident only for him to meet the firefighter that rescued him on the day of his accident. The firefighter revealed that he was about to give up his search for John at the spot where the accident occurred but he heard a voice telling him to “Go back” God was talking to him and He directed him to find to finding John.

John and his family resumed to church and Pastor Jason made the family express some bits of their miraculous journey. This scene was beautifully joyous especially when Jason acknowledged everyone who contributed to John’s miraculous journey of recovery. Right from the emergency responders, firemen, medical personnel, friends in school, church members etc. Literally, the whole community prayed for John’s miraculous recovery. It was a beautiful ending of joyful breakthrough!

I leave you with John’ words of his Teachers “Yesterday is not ours to recover but today is ours to win or lose”

As you forge on ahead, in whatever situations don’t forget that you have a purpose and you are always loved.

Je t’aime mon ami😘😘!


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  1. God bless you sis… I’ll make sure I see this movie because even the narration is powerful.

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