Say not to Rape

“It’s a man’s world” that’s what they say. And now we are here!

Hey fam! Happy weekend!! Trust you had a good week. Truth is, no matter how stressful the days have been, there is always a reason to smile and laugh if you allow yourself.

So, a lot has been happening lately in Nigeria. While Africans all over the world are boiling about the level of racism going on in the world, we are here in Nigeria counting the inhumane acts of rape cases going on in the Nigerian society.

The unspoken reality of every female in the society is the everyday experience of sexual harassment by uncanny males. It is not a function of what you wear or your status. What more evil can there be if a lady fully covered with her long flowing  Hijab was raped or when the male gate keeper  sexually harasses a female executive.

Personally, I have had experiences of sexual  harassment on different levels on countless occasions. I shared one of my previous experiences here. Most of these experiences leave me angry , like “What effrontery does this  guy has to do or say that to me?”  Over time, I leave the anger zone and just simply move on with life because I can’t be angry almost everyday because of someone else’s  foolishness. The most annoying part of this issue is how these uncanny males boldly exalt their evil acts as if they are even doing the lady a favour.

I once had a neighbour who was in every sense of the word a sexual harasser. I cringe when I hear him talk loudly with his friends about the females’ sexuality and what was more annoying was when I heard him say sexually offensive words about his girlfriend’s  sexuality and compelled the lady to concur with him by repeating his words in the presence of his friends.

He sexually harassed me on some occasions and I found out that I was not the only one he did that to, he also sexually harassed other female co-tenants too  even though his girlfriend was living with him.  This guy takes pride in his utmost foolishness to the extent that he now makes comedy skits on social media where he boldly uses vulgar, sexual- inciting words  degrading to female sexuality and sadly he has followers.

It is very saddening to realise that the world, especially the typical African society had focused on training the girl child to always be responsible, stay chaste or morally upright  while the male children were given reins to do as they like just because they are males. You hear words like “Okunrin ni, fi sile (leave him, he is a male)” , “On fi ara we Okunrin (you are comparing yourself to a male)” and many other words that imply that the males can live anyhow without consequences of their action.

Our society had been modeled in  a way that typically allows females to be acknowledged as sexual tools hence boosting the males’ ego to use the so-called sexual tools as they like.  There is so much emphasis on how right a female should behave or be comported that the males training to be right thinking boys/men have been neglected. Even some of the so-called training these males receive are male chauvinistic lessons that boosts their ego that “It’s a man’s world”

Thankfully, it’s never too late to right our many wrongs. We can start now by training our males right from the cradle to be rightly good without any obnoxious sentiments of “It’s a man’s world”. Let’s imbibe in our males the discipline needed to make right decisions, live respecting everyone and not as a threat to anyone.

 Ji! Ma sun!! “It’s a man’s  OUR world” because every life matters.

Have a pleasant weekend lovelies and stay positive. Soon sanity will be restored to our society.

Je t’aime mon ami!

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