How Best to Deal with Intimidation: Woo Your Intimidator

Happy new month fellas! Beaming more light on intimidation, Racheal Chu, the lead actress of the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ comes to mind when you think of how to deal with intimidation especially without being offensive. The first thing I love about the movie is the portrayal of a young lady as a professor who lectures in the university and of course won the heart of Nick, a young wealthy, simple man who seek for a lady who truly loves him and not for his wealth. The peak of the intimidation story of the movie was when Nick’s mother and grandmother categorically intimidated Rachel Chu, told her that she does not fit into the overwhelming, wealthy Sung-Young family.

Naturally, one would think that the knowledge that your future daughter in-law is a professor at her early 30’s would fill the fiancé’s family with pride and easily consent to the marriage of their son with a young female professor, heck no, they don’t! The real deal of the movie for me is how Rachael Chu wittily refused to be intimidated and she stood up to her fiancé’s mother, refuted her intimidation antics and intelligently spoke up for her mother and her self. She enlightened the intimadator about the virtues and strength that they possess like no other.

You come from a distinguished line of virtues, strength, wits, so never permit anyone to intimidate, trample on you. Lose no joy and peace on the account of someone’s ill attitude. Candidly, give your intimidators plausible reasons why you are much more than they give you credit for and establish your stance of self worth regardless of their own opinion. No need to be offensive. Just state your facts of who you are, you owe nobody explanation . Intimate your intimidator of your victories , no need to boo your intimidator just woo them with your successes.

Je t’aime! Do enjoy the month of July. It’s yours!

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