Week like no other, I was out for an official appointment yesterday and I feared that I was almost running behind schedule yet there was no bus (danfo) at the bus stop. Eventually, an empty bus approached and I knew the bus couldn’t convey everyone standing at the park so it was ‘Survival Of The Fittest’.

If you know me personally you will know I am not just fit for that kind of hustle but I was determined to go with that bus. As the bus came nearer I moved closer, attached my hands to the entrance of the moving vehicle while I paced with it but I just couldn’t hop into the moving vehicle like a proper Lagosian would do.

At last, the bus halted for passengers to hop in that was when I hopped in after I had received pushing and ruffling from other intending-passengers. Later, I got to know that I was lucky that my bag was not a victim of pickpocket in the bus hopping process. I realized that after living in Lagos for almost 20 years I still couldn’t hop into a moving vehicle. So, if you know of tutorial for bus hopping in Lagos, please help a sister to learn the needed survival skill in Lagos.

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