Un-Special celebrations

Celebrations should be a life-long feature.

Wawwwuuuu 😲😲… I feel like it’s been a decade I had a publication here on Dife blog. I missed writing here because a lot of juicy content was dancing around in my head but I couldn’t put them here(but trust me to come downpour soon). However, I took some time to read through some of the previous posts, mheennn, there are some good thoughts expressed there( you can also enjoy the liberty to go through some of the previous posts).

Yaaaayyy! Happy new year fam!!💃💃💃 Trust  2021 was definitely a worthy and impactful ride for you. If I should sum up my 2021, I would say it was a year of character development, trusting the Lord enough to let go, rest/upgrade, and it ended on a capacity enlargement note. And I’m grateful for every bit of the journey. Now, we are in 2022! So good to be here!!

It’s a new year, how did you spend the first day of the year and even the Christmas day? You know, the truth about these celebrations is not really about the day itself but with whom you spend the day. Arguably, the best way to celebrate these special days is to be with family. Though I worked through the holidays, I was intentional with spending time with some of my faves, friends/my Sisters💕💕(I’m genuinely thankful for the gift of these ones in my life), and family❤. My Christmas and New Year’s day celebrations were marked with delicious meals cooked by my kid sister, interesting conversations with my siblings, and watching movies( Legion and A Naija Christmas) with my big family. Honestly, spending 2021’s celebrations with family reminded me of a particular season of my life.

With my Sisters at Nike Art Gallery

Some years ago, I’ve had to celebrate Christmas day and New Year celebrations alone by myself. I was in a state where I had no family or someone to visit, all my new friends had traveled home and I didn’t even have enough money to cook a celebratory meal, gratefully, I fed on a plate of rice that one of my neighbors brought. Looking back now, I didn’t have it good then but I’m thankful for that season of my life. As I’m writing this blog post, I’m presently listening to Phil Thompson’s ministration at WAFBEC 2022, and I’m filled with nostalgia and thanksgiving because a couple of his songs like “ My worship” really helped me through that season of my life. By the way, did you hear Phil’s testimony about the line “I will not be silent”? Such a way to shame the devil foreverrrr💃💃💃💃.

In my thankful reminisce on New Year day, the Holy Spirit reminded me that there could be someone/people in a similar season I was some years ago so I said a few lines of prayer while watching a movie. The point is, whatever makes the celebratory days such as Christmas and the New Year is really in the mind. The acknowledgment that today is special or opens up to newness is all in the mind and this is valid. So, as long as you give no room for negativity and you take charge of your mind with the help of the Holy Spirit. You’ll be fine las las no matter how “un-special” or “un-celebratory” it may seem to be. 

Personally, I have no new year’s resolutions but I am deliberate to staying joyful always, no pressure, keep a heart without guile or offense, and commit to obeying/pleasing the Father. My dear Difers, in 2022, I pray you walk in becoming all that the Father has designed for you. Have a fulfilling 2022  darlingggsss💕🤗. 

Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗

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