It’s the DavithaMaro’s spice y’all

Do you ever wonder why Fela is still considered a music legend all over the world to this day? 24 years after his death, his music still actively lives on. Movies like The Harder They Fall, art innovations, events are held in celebration of a timeless music artist. 

Can you imagine the absence of music in this life? How would it be? Over the centuries, music has consistently served as a tool of colour,  meaning, and beauty in life’s journey. It can be likened to be the “Oil” that helps one go through life in the darkest of times and rejoice in the happiest times. Especially, when you listen to a song that resonates with real-life experiences, you know it hits differently.

A song becomes ever-green when the lyrics are relatable, relevant and the tunes convey intentionality. In recent days, I had the opportunity to listen to a song and in my head, I was wondering, “Who is this person? Who is this artist with an exciting tune and unusual lyrics?” 

After some digging, I got her and I feel like I have to share my discovery with you Difers! A contemporary artist that sings positive, relevant content and of course with a spice of vibe.  Gosh, I love her choice of words, the arrangement of her lyrics is interesting and her voice got something unique, it’s the kind of voice I like listening to.

So fam, I introduce you to one of the spices of the world, Davithamaro!! Her real name is Umukoro Oghenemaro, she was born on  12 November 1997. Davithamaro, is a Nigerian singer, poet, and model who was born in Kwara state before relocating fully to Lagos.  Her passion was revealed within her family as they held family music night to create entertainment amongst themselves. She finally decided to fully go into music as her full career in the year 2020 when she finished her graduate studies.

DavithaMaro is a talented singer and songwriter known for her unique music lyrics. Maro’s debut single “Judas”, the one that got me curious is available on all major music platforms worldwide. Do your ears and soul some good and listen to DavitahaMaro’s “Judas”. You’re gonna love it!

Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗

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