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Kingdom Kulture, who you Rep? Some years ago as a final year undergraduate in OAU, one of my very close friends said “Hey ladies, let’s go clubbing” myself and two other friends(we were a clique of 4 friends) were surprised like “whattttt?”😲😲 and she said “like a Jesus club, a gospel club”. Then we replied “Jesus/gospel club bawo(how)? Where do you see such? In this clime, the only place that qualifies for a night club is not where gospel songs are played or danced to.” Then my friend concluded that there should be a gospel night club…the three of us just smiled😀. 

But you know what? That conversation stuck with me, as there should really be a gospel/Jesus nightclub. A place where Christians can go, to relax, unwind, dance, connect with like minds, have Kingdom-oriented conversations while you eat that big grilled fish/chicken/asun( if you are like me who does not eat fish).

Then just like that, after many years I found a gospel night clubbb! 💃💃Yaaayyyyyyy!!!Thanks to my kid sis, scrolling through her WhatsApp status, she commented to my hearing about a venue that her church folks often use for birthday hangouts. I asked about it and whoop! I visited the next day  (which was a Sunday).

Was I disappointed? No, not a bit. Immediately, I stepped into the club, I knew I was in the right place. There was no smell of cigarette smoke; they even hung it around the place ‘Thank you for not smoking. I smiled 😀 when I saw postcards at different sides of the club. Gospel music was always softly playing in the background, bible verses were creatively and beautifully pasted around and of course, the afro-centric scenery makes you forget the hustle and bustle of Lagos, it is a place where you can come to ‘cast your cares on Jesus’. Their menu prices are pocket-friendly and they have good customer service, well-cultured waiters, and waitresses.

Lol…guess you are anxious to know the name of this place that Ifeoluwa has been hyping? It’s called Kulture Yard and it’s owned by Buchi, the gospel music artiste. See, apart from locating a great hangout spot for myself and my family, the big deal for me was the fact that someone was doing the supposed non-Christian business with God at the centre. Promoting godly value, at the same time blessing people with sane scenery/atmosphere outside their homes.

I remembered earlier this year, my kid sister’s friend organised a birthday hangout for her. By the time we got to the venue, she almost made us leave that place. She wasn’t comfortable with the atmosphere of the club-like place. Thing is, people, crave for where they can enjoy themselves, hang out with loved ones without contamination. Thankfully, we now have that in Kulture Yard. (P.S: this is not a paid ad for Kulture Yard)

Being a Christian is not a religion or a trendy fashion. It is really a lifestyle that promotes God and all that He represents. To be boxed by religion is not Christianity. Living a full, interesting, and fulfilling life that attracts others to the light of the gospel is the real deal for Christians because this brings joy to heaven. 

This blog post is a call to doing more for God, promoting the tangibility of God’s love to the earth through his son Jesus Christ and expanding Kingdom culture like Buchi is doing. A quick allusion to Esther Benyeogo, Naomi Mac’s rep for God on The Voice Nigeria Season 3, and Justin Beiber’s performance/ministration at Freedom Experience implies that God can’t be boxed and we can shine our lights as Christians wherever we are, in whatsoever we do. Christianity is a lifestyle.

Cheers to promoting and repping God always! Je t’aime mon ami❤🤗🤗

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  1. Yo! New location unlocked!

    Plus, kudos to Buchi for showing us that a thing like this could be done… and thanks for writing about it too.

    J’taime, Mon Ami!

  2. Yeah it’s a very nice place…that was where I did my birthday and has been going there afterwards 🥰🥰 I just hope buchi come across this wirte up he will be so glad 😃weldone sis kudos to more knowledge

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