Saying No with confidence

Hey family, how are you doing? Trust your July ride was great?  Welcome to August, it’s a month of pleasant surprises. Enjoy it all.

Some weeks ago, I heard the narrative of how a boy in his late teenage years unexpectedly bumped into a young lady in her mid-twenties and asked for her phone number. Actually, these people share a common point of acquaintance before this encounter because they attend the same family church but they don’t talk or they don’t have reason(s) to interact.

The young lady outrightly said ‘No, I can’t give you my phone number.’ (On behalf of the guy I felt embarrassed😯😔). However, my guy went further to say ‘Why can’t you give me your number?’(this my guy sef🤦‍♀). The lady said, ‘because I don’t want to be responsible for you.’ When the narration of the short real-life clip ended, I simply smiled😀 as I tried to understand the rationale of both protagonists.

I am in no way supporting either of the parties but I realized that the lady took charge of the doorpost of her associations and was bold enough to refuse the guy’s request as long as she was not comfortable with having the guy in her space.  

Relationships are vital to a successful living but it is important to be able to discern who you want in your space, whether you like it or not, you are responsible for anyone you allow into your space though the degree of responsibility may differ.

July 30th was international day of friendship. On that day, I reminisced with smile on my face the gift of great friends I have. So, this blog post is dedicated to my friends, I don’t need to mention names, you guys know yourselves. Thank you for all that you do for me, for being responsible for Ifeoluwa. Truth is, sometimes my eyes well up with tears when I think of the loving, beautiful gestures I receive from you, thank you for making my life more beautiful.

Je t’aime mon ami😘😘

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