Hey Difers! Happy new month!! It’s OUR month and I’m excited!!!

Welcome to the second half of the year, where every thing is made new and fresh for you again.  Are you excited about this time of life as I am or you aren’t? Guess you are thinking, Ifeoluwa can be excited na, she got it all figured out(hmmmm..you have no idea). Ok, so let me shock you, I wasn’t excited about this time of life earlier oo.

Sincerely, I was actually worried, anxious and unhappy waking up to realize that it’s 1st July 2020. As in, the year has reached half and I am not where I want to be or I don’t have all the things I really want. The first 15 minutes of my consciousness in 1st July can be succinctly described as unhappy and anxious.

Immediately, I noticed the unhealthy feeling of anxiety sadness creeping in, I quickly dealt with it. I made some sincere, short words of prayer and some positive confessions. And as if nothing happened some few minutes ago, I felt peace in my heart. My heart was restored to that zone of freshness, knowing that He got me and He’s working it out for me. My faith was restored!

Checking my e-mail that same morning, I saw the most loved-up mail from one of my dearest friends and a God-sent voice note on WhatsApp from one of my teachers. Honezzlyyy, the voice note got me teary, that “Se na so God like me reach (so God loves me this much), even with my seemingly mundane feelings”. Over and over, I am not ashamed to say that “God is mindful of me”.

Often times, you don’t feel happy when you realize how time has its impact on you. This is me wondering why some young people are eager to grow old and even inflate their age. Sometimes, I just wish I can be 14 years old again. However, if you allow introspection from the angle of gratitude you will always see ten thousand reasons to be joyful.

My e-mail conversation with my friend this week, made me realise the power of the subconscious. Personally, for me I confess that my subconscious is more powerful than my mental abilities. Experts in the field may fault this or not but it is what it is.

Realizing how powerful my subconscious is, made me understand that things slip from the conscious to the subconscious. The good news is that you naturally have the willpower to check what goes on in your conscious. Immediately you notice unhealthy feeling in you heart or conscious self, deal with it before they slip into your subconscious overtime. This will help to keep your heart guarded and consequently your subconscious pure and free.

It’s a new month Difers, welcome to a brand-new phase of freshness. A new beginning is here for you, explore it with joy. Don’t give room to anxiety, regret or sadness in your heart and always keep your subconscious pure and sane.

Have a pleasant weekend peeps. Je t’aime mon ami

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