Daily, I can affirm that HE is mindful of Me!!

My people! My people!! Happy weekend to you!!! How are you? How was your week? Mine was fine, I had different shades of experiences that I will be sharing some with you.

First, I got more proof that being slow to anger is actually good and rewarding. Late last year, I got a content creation gig and I did it in an ‘express’ manner cause the delivery time was short. I did the work, submitted but my balance was withheld. The contractor refused to acknowledge my calls and messages, I was pained but after some weeks I forgot about it. Meanwhile, this contractor had connected me to another gig while I was still on his own work.

Fast forward to last week Saturday, I got a surprise credit alert with no reference to the sender. Some couple of hours later, the ‘runaway’ contractor called, said he was responsible for the credit alert and that was my balance. He then offered me another gig. He didn’t apologise about the delay of my balance and I didn’t ask or talked about it, because I have moved on. In faith, I took the gig and you know what, he surprised me more when he did full payment of the gig and even increased the pay when I was halfway through with the work. It was another proof that ‘God is mindful of me Ifeoluwa😚😚’

If I had expressed my displeasure about the withhold of my balance the way it was paining me then, I would have lost a good relationship and the benefits attached. I know being ‘slow to anger’ sounds like a scriptural cliche but it’s your best bet if you want to save yourself from unnecessary headaches or high blood pressure. It teaches you patience and forbearance and these helps you to ‘eat the good of the land’.

Another gist is how someone made me feel like I wasn’t making tangible impacts. I was really pained considering all the efforts I put into making things work. I know I have made impacts that can be proven but my accuser didn’t recognise those impacts even if others do. That I felt bad was an understatement and I slept and woke up with an heavy heart but you know what, God was mindful of me.

In my prayer that morning, the Holyspirit led me to Psalm 43 ‘Why are you cast down O my soul? and why are you disquieted within me. Hope in God for I shall yet praise Him. The help of my countenance and my God.’ I tell you, this was exactly what I needed that morning and it was the catalyst to picking myself and my joy, peace and confidence was restored.

Yes, life happens to the the best of us like this but I want to remind you to keep being strong and confident in your abilities and efforts knowing you will always get better. Don’t allow anyone steal your joy. Always know that God, your Father is always mindful of you.

Have a pleasant weekend. Je t’aime mon ami😘😘!

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