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Welcome to the unusual lifestyle blog that soars on the wings of story telling to inspire, motivate and entertain the mind with relevant and trending topics. In DEB, the pen is unrestricted; with topics in music, movies, sports, politics, love, life, fashion, family, celebrities, all creatively written to enhance your personal development. In Dife Epiphany Blog, we share unusual sense from usual narratives in order to stir a revolution from the superficial thought pattern to thought processes of depth.

Holiday Chills: Stay Merry!

Merry Christmas lovelies! Trust you are having a splendid Christmas. Today is boxing day so do well to send my box(es) of gifts to me, thanks in advance, I will be expecting!😃 For real...

Me-Time 0

Own Your Me-Time

Don’t be guilty, it’s your Me-time. Own it! About three weeks ago I was practically in a state of ‘Ifeoluwa, what have you being doing with your life?’ It was to me as if...

End Sars 0


On Thursday 8 October, 2020, Nigerian youths began a nationwide peaceful protest of END SARS after several months of intermittent END SARS campaign on social media platforms especially on Twitter. We’ve been pushed to...


Movie Review: Jexi

The movie Jexi simply mirrors the millennials’ world where everyone is attached to their phone including myself. I smiled to myself when I realised I was actually pressing and checking my phone while watching...